Friday, 20 January 2017

10 royal venues for weddings

Kensington Palace is a wedding venue with very royal links
(photo JR P via Flickr)

There's much excitement about the realisation that Kensington Palace is licensed for civil marriages - maybe it's all this talk of Harry and Meghan stepping up their romance with a lovebird trip to Norway and a cuppa with Kate and Charlotte on their return. But KP isn't the only grand building with royal links where happy couples can say 'I do'. Here are ten right royal locations for a civil wedding...curtsies to the groom's granny on the way out are optional.

A king and all his sisters

Princess Birgitta with her brother and sisters on her 80th birthday
(photo Jonas Borg/

He was the baby brother that arrived in their royal home after 12 years of girls only rule and on a big day in his family's life, Carl XVI Gustaf took second place to one of the sisters that had such a big impact on his life. As the second eldest of the Haga princesses, Birgitta, celebrated her 80th birthday, the King of Sweden posed alongside her and his three other sisters for a special photo.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Eight decades, eight images: Princess Birgitta of Sweden

Princess Birgitta of Sweden is eighty today
(photo Surtsicna via Wiki Commons)

The second of the Haga princesses turns eighty today. It's a big birthday for Sweden's Princess Birgitta who was born on January 19th 1937, a great granddaughter to the then king, Gustav V, and whose life since then has taken in many moments of royal history. As she celebrates eight decades, here's a look back at her story so far. Eight images for Birgitta, Princess of Sweden.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

End of a royal marriage

Prince Louis and Princess Tessy of Luxembourg are to divorce
(photo Grand Cour Ducale)

Prince Louis and Princess Tessy of Luxembourg are to divorce. The end of their marriage was announced in a brief statement issued by the Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg this evening.

Star power with a serious message

King Philippe of the Belgians with Oscar winner Matt Damon in Davos
(photo MonarchieBe Twitter)

Oscar winners this way, please. The King and Queen of the Belgians have had a star studded start to their annual visit to the World Economic Forum in Davos. In less than 24 hours they've met up with Forest Whitaker, Matt Damon and Shakira as they continue their regular participation in this major event. 

Kate's date for mental health

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry at a briefing for Heads Together
(photo Kensington Palace Instagram)

With just months to go until the moment they always said would be a high point of their Heads Together campaign, the London Marathon, the royal trio that is William, Kate and Harry have been speaking out about their ambitions for the project. At a briefing in London we got a trio of royal speeches and a focus on the future as Heads Together keeps on running.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The Norwegian Line of Succession

Harald V, King of Norway
Ascended the throne on January 17th 1991

King Harald V of Norway celebrates the 26th anniversary of his succession to the throne of Norway on January 17th 2017. Time to reflect on the line of succession in Norway - it's seven strong.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Kate on a not so blue Monday

The Duchess of Cambridge in blue was this week's Royal Wardrobe poll topper

Blue was the colour last week for the Royal Wardrobe and in a seven days that included just about as many versions of that colour, it was the Duchess of Cambridge who came out on top. Kate won the poll to find the favourite outfit of the week, dressed all in blue.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

The Royal Week in 60 seconds


The new year is starting to get busy with more royal engagements this week as well as some big anniversaries and sadness, too. Here's the royal week, in 60 seconds.

Sunshine and showers for the Royal Family

The Queen in an archive image - she wore purple to church this Sunday as well
(photo DofE Twitter)

The smile said it all. The Queen walked into church at Flitcham, Norfolk this morning beaming. After over a month resting with a heavy cold, and several bouts of fevered speculation about her health, Elizabeth II strode towards Sunday service very much in full health. But while there was happiness at seeing the Queen up and about, the event was tinged with sadness as well. With the Queen was her nephew, David Linley, who has just lost his father, the 1st Earl of Snowdon.


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