Thursday, 8 December 2016

Palaces in the Snow: Linlithgow

Linlithgow Palace, Scotland has a part in some of the most dramatic tales of royal history
(photo 4652 Paces via Flickr)

It's a palace steeped in history and linked to one of the most romantic and tragic queens of history as well as another whose name became forever linked to the cold of winter which brings the snow. Linlithgow Palace in West Lothian, Scotland is now a tourist attraction but for centuries the tumultuous royal history of Scotland played out within its walls. Linlithgow Palace has no need of help when it comes to drama and dusted in snow, it is a palace of dreams once more.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

The Harry and Sophie Show

Prince Harry at the ICAP charity day also attended by the Countess of Wessex
(photo Kensington Palace Instagram)

Take a prince fresh from a highly successful tour who also happens to have made headlines by going to visit his new girlfriend on his way home and a countess who has built up a formidable reputation for charity work, put them together and what do you get? The Harry and Sophie show.

Princess Anne takes the Royal Wardrobe poll

It's not a sentence you get to read all that often but Princess Anne is the winner of this week's Royal Wardrobe poll. The princess who was on the cover of Vogue years before the Duchess of Cambridge was even born topped the survey to find the best look of the week. And when you turn up to the celebrations for Team GB's Rio Olympic success in a sparkling green dress like this, who's still looking surprised?

The Royal 2016 - Madeleine, making fairytales come true

Time for a fairytale moment from the royal 2016. A beautiful princess in her perfect dress and sparkling with jewels appeared in a palace and sat down to tea. But this was no story book. Princess Madeleine of Sweden threw open the doors of her royal home in February this year to treat seriously ill children to an afternoon of pure magic.

Princess Madeleine of Sweden hosts a very special party for some very special children
(photo Kate Gabor/

The Royal Christmas Spirit

Queen Mathilde of the Belgians gets musical in time for Christmas
(photo MonarchieBe Twitter)

It's time to admit it, stop ignoring it and enjoy it. The Christmas season is well and truly upon us and as if the baubles in the shops and the tinsel on the trees wasn't enough to confirm it. Europe's royals have had a right old festive frenzy to get us all in the party spirit. December 6th was awash with regal festive events - time to enjoy the royal Christmas spirit.

Palaces in the Snow: Amalienborg

Frederick VIII's Palace at Amalienborg dressed in its winter best
(photo rosenborg_amalienborg Instagram)

What could be better than one royal palace, decked in snow? How about four all dusted in flakes. The Amalienborg in Copenhagen is made up of a quartet of identical palaces set around a sqaure and one of the best known royal statues in Europe.  It's a picture perfect setting at the best of times but in the snow, it takes on a fairytale quality all of its own.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The Royal 2016: Harry in Nepal

All smiles on his first major tour of 2016 - Prince Harry in Nepal

Before the success of the Caribbean tour, before the cheers for the Invictus Games, Harry was already riding high on the cheers that went with his visit to Nepal. The prince visited the country in March, spending five days there. Every one of them proved hugely popular and cemented Harry's place at the heart of the royal 2016.

Santa and the Royals, for St Nicholas' Day

St Nicholas and some royal friends on December 6th past

December 6th is the feast of Saint Nicholas and while the original was a bishop from Greece, he was also the forerunner of Father Christmas. And what would Christmas be without Santa Claus? So in honour of his feast day and the approach of the festive season, here are five royals with different versions of St Nicholas and Father Christmas.

Meet Prince Liam of Nassau

And Liam makes four - Europe's newest prince with his parents and sister
(photo Cour Grand-Ducale)

Europe's newest royal has a name. Prince Felix and Princess Claire revealed what they have called their second child as they shared photos of him for the first time. Meet Prince Liam of Nassau.

Palaces in the Snow - Royal Palace, Stockholm

A snowy staircase fit for a fairytale at the Royal Palace, Stockholm
By Wooly Matt via Flickr

It takes a lot of snow to cover the whole of the Royal Palace in Stockholm. Its famous facade hides over 600 rooms while its baroque style adds an air of dominance. And yet even this huge, striking palace can look postcard pretty in the snow. Just don't expect a blanket of flakes, this is dusting territory.


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