Monday, 21 March 2016

Luxembourg's Royal Family at the Vatican

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg has a lot to smile about right now as she gets ready to mark her 60th birthday tomorrow but there was an early present for her on March 21st as she got to take her family with her to meet the Pope. Maria Teresa and Grand Duke Henri were joined by their children and grandchildren at the Vatican for their first audience there since Francis became Pontiff.

The Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg had an audience with the Pope today

The photographer needed a long lens. The group photo was so big that it was a squeeze to get everyone in but it provided a rather unusual take on this traditional moment - a whole family together at this special event.

While everyone lined up and smiled for the camera, there were three stars of the show. In the front row, Henri and Maria Teresa's grandsons, ten year old Prince Gabriel and eight year old Prince Noah. And safe in granny's arms was the youngest member of the family. Princess Amalia, who will turn two this summer.

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa was in white (privilege du blanc) while Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie went for mostly black with a white top. The other royal women, including Princess Claire who is celebrating her 31st birthday today, were in black while little Amalia was in a pale creamy pink dress that finished the family photo off to perfection.

The Grand Duke and Duchess had earlier held a private audience with Pope Francis. The couple are due to return to Luxembourg in time for Maria Teresa's birthday celebrations which come just weeks after she and her husband marked their 35th wedding anniversary.

And what better way to remember this time of landmarks in their lives than with this family photo. It's one for the history books.

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